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Golf, Este & Venetian cuisine


Veneto, Padova and Este.


Discover the beauty of Veneto region. We recommend Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo where you can relax between your sport in the healing thermal pools and dine overlooking the Euganean hills with soft jazz on the terrace. We propose three excellent golf courses. La Montecchia Golf Club has a generally even landscape but is a technical course demanding skill to navigate the water hazards. Golf Club Colli Berici has an extraordinary 300-metre-high location in the Berici Hills and affords truly magnificent views of the Little Dolomites, with stretches played through the chestnut woods. The Golf Club Padova near the Venice lagoon, has three moderately difficult 9-hole Par 36 courses which can be played in any combination. Between matches we arrange guided tours of historic Este with its imposing stone walls and 11th century church of San Martino, and Padua to see the famous 14th century Giotto frescoes and vast Basilica of St. Anthony.


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