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Tailormade Itineraries

Tailormade Itineraries

At Golf Charme we love personalising Golf experiences, so we can reveal Italy’s rare pleasures while you pursue your passion for the game.

Once you’ve briefed us with the broad expectations for your Golfing experience, we’ll begin creating your tailormade trip. Golf with designer shopping, historic sites, rustic beauty or perhaps wine tastings? We’re the experts to make it happen. We are champions of slow travel, we’ll take time to connect you with the true culture and authentic nature of the destination.



Golf and gastronomy

Golf and good food is a match that goes without saying says our Director of Golf Charme Dario Colloi. He is also Director of Ristogolf, an association dedicated to promoting the game among restauranteurs, hoteliers and anyone working in food and beverage. With this inside track no one is better placed to help you discover the very best in Italian regional cuisine.



Excellent golf with Italy’s charme

Every golfer is unique to us, so we study the top 100 golf courses to find the one that suits your needs then based on your interests we match it with a wonderful, enriching experience.



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